1960's Ché Guevara Laulhere Beret Basque 100% wool

1960's Ché Guevara Laulhere Beret Basque 100% wool

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Laulhère Beret Basque anniversary edition of Ché Guevara Beret.

This beret is the exact same brand and style worn by Ché during the 60's. Laulhère discovered that the iconic Ché Guevara beret with the brass star was one of their designs from the 60’s. They managed to get access to the last beret Ché Guevara ever wore to reproduce it with the original lining and label. The leather headband is tan/natural color with a yellow strip. The brass finished metal star is removable.

Laulhère is the most iconic beret artisan from France and was founded in 1840 in Oloron Sainte-Marie, which in its heyday boasted a dozen beret-makers.

Laulhère is a family owned company and their savoir-faire and traditional techniques are part of France’s heritage.


100% pure merino wool

Laulhere's original satin striped lining and patch from the 60's.

Removable star pin with brass finish

Genuine Calf and Goat Skin sweatband

Yellow strip and ribbon

Special Edition only available in Black


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